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Bump Stock Ban Fails in Illinois House of Representatives

 Posted on November 03, 2017 in Uncategorized

In the wake of one of the country’s deadliest acts of gun violence, Illinois legislators attempted to pass a bill that would prohibit the use of “bump stocks” and other means for modifying the trigger action of semi-automatic weapons. Officials from both parties objected to all or parts of the bill, which gained only 48 of the necessary 71 votes in favor of passage.

Las Vegas Response

The availability and use of semi-automatic weapons are topics frequently debated by citizens, law enforcement, and elected officials across the country. House Bill 4117 was written after it was learned that the man believed responsible for the recent Las Vegas shooting used a “bump stock” modification to increase the rate of fire on several semi-automatic weapons. It should be noted that law enforcement confirmed that all those weapons were obtained through legal means.

A “bump stock” is an aftermarket modification that allows a shooter to enhance the rate of fire by using a gun’s natural recoil effect for continuous trigger contact. Proponents of the bill argued that this feature serves no legitimate purpose other than to make a gun which is being used for nefarious purposes even deadlier. Proponents also pointed to reports that the Las Vegas gunman had reportedly considered a large outdoor concert event in Chicago as a possible target as means for garnering support.

Supporters of gun rights from both parties felt the pending legislation went too far in banning other trigger modifications favored by sport shooters, and it would result in a number of previously legal weapons suddenly falling outside the law. There was also some disagreement among state representatives on whether or not the bill included language exempting law enforcement officers from the ban. Both sides agreed that some measures were necessary, and promised to revisit the issue in the future, perhaps with more narrowly-crafted language that could result in bipartisan support.

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