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Joliet Restricted Driving Permits Attorney

Lawyer for Restricted Driving Permits (RDP)

Illinois residents who have had their driver's licenses suspended or revoked after being arrested or convicted for DUI may qualify for a restricted driving permit. Our firm has helped numerous drivers regain their licenses after losing their driving privileges. The only way to obtain one of these permits is to attend a hearing held by the Illinois Secretary of State. Even in some situations where you may be eligible for full reinstatement of your driving privileges, the Secretary of State may grant you an RDP in lieu of full reinstatement. As a condition of the RDP, you may be required to drive while using a vehicle equipped with a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID).

Qualifying for a Restricted Driving Permit

The following are three situations in which you will be required to drive with a restricted driving permit prior to the full reinstatement of your driver's license:

  • You have not yet met the eligibility requirements for full reinstatement. In these situations, you will be required to demonstrate hardship.
  • The Secretary of State determines that you should first drive on an RDP, even if you are eligible for full reinstatement.
  • You have two or more convictions for DUI, and you are required by law to drive on an RDP with a BAIID device for five years before a full license reinstatement.

It is important to note that if at the time of your license reinstatement hearing, you are not eligible for full reinstatement, you must demonstrate hardship. In essence, you must show you are not a risk to the safety of the general public and that the inability to drive will cause significant difficulties for you or your family members. If you are eligible for full reinstatement at the time of your application, you are not required to demonstrate hardship.

Issues That May Affect Restricted Driving Permits

While most people seek a restricted driving permit to ensure that they can maintain employment, the State of Illinois may permit driving for other purposes as well, such as:

  • AA meetings
  • Medical care
  • Childcare
  • Caring for elderly parents or other family members

As a general rule, you must use a restricted driving permit for nine months, or 75 percent of the length of the permit, before you will be able to apply to have your driver's license fully reinstated. It is also important to note that you can have your RDP canceled due to convictions for traffic violations, driving outside the scope of your permit, or any BAIID violations.

Contact Our Will County Restricted Driving Permit Lawyer

If your driving privileges have been suspended or revoked, you will need to understand what steps you can take to receive a restricted driving permit to ensure that you will be able to drive again. At the Law Offices of Jack L. Zaremba, P.C., our experienced Joliet driver's license reinstatement attorney can advise you of your options, and we will provide you with the legal representation you need as you seek to get your license back. Contact us today at 815-740-4025 to arrange a free consultation.

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