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There are several laws in Illinois that govern the possession of firearms, including the Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) Card Act and the Criminal Code. Under these laws, certain individuals are prohibited from possessing firearms in the state.

These include:

  • Convicted felons – Individuals who have been convicted of a felony offense under Illinois or federal law.
  • Individuals with domestic violence convictions – People convicted of misdemeanor domestic battery offenses or who are subject to an order of protection.
  • Persons under 18 years of age – Generally, individuals under the age of 18 are prohibited from possessing firearms, except under specific circumstances, such as hunting or target shooting with parental consent.
  • Persons with mental health issues - Individuals who have been adjudicated as mentally disabled, admitted to a mental health facility, or deemed unfit to stand trial.
  • Persons addicted to drugs or alcohol – Individuals who are addicted to narcotics or who are habitual users of controlled substances.
  • Nonresidents – Individuals who are not residents of Illinois and do not possess a valid FOID card or concealed carry license.

If a person is found to be in unlawful possession of a firearm in Illinois, they may face criminal charges. The severity of the offense and potential penalties can vary depending on the circumstances and a person's prior criminal history.

Unlawful Possession of a Firearm Penalties

Class A misdemeanor or Class 4 felony charges may apply if you are accused of unlawful possession of a firearm. The specific charges will be based on the facts involved in your case and the circumstances surrounding your arrest. You could potentially be charged with a separate offense for each weapon or piece of ammunition in your possession. For example, if you were carrying six bullets and a firearm when you were unauthorized to do so, you may face charges for seven counts of unlawful possession of a firearm. The potential penalties you may face if you are convicted include:

  • Class A misdemeanor – You may face a maximum jail sentence of one year and a maximum fine of $2,500.
  • Class 4 felony – You may face a prison sentence of between one and three years and a maximum fine of $25,000.

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