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Filing a Pre-Trial Motion to Dismiss Criminal Charges

 Posted on May 16, 2017 in Uncategorized

An effective criminal defense attorney will not wait for a case to go to trial before mounting a defense of his client. For example, the attorney might consider filing a pre-trial motion to dismiss the charges. The motion must be filed within a reasonable time after the defendant has been arraigned and can be filed before or after entering a plea.

The motion must be based on one of the following grounds for dismissal:

  • Every defendant has a right to a speedy trial. If the trial is not commenced within the statutorily determined time frame then that is grounds for dismissal.
  • A defendant may be prosecuted for several criminal offenses in the same trial. However, if the prosecution knows about these offenses and they all fall within a single court’s jurisdiction, then the offenses (usually) must be prosecuted in a single prosecution. If the state initiates a subsequent prosecution based on the defendant’s previous criminal conduct then that is grounds for dismissal.
  • The prosecution is likely barred if the defendant was already prosecuted for the same offense, based on the same facts.
  • If charges are not brought within a specific crime’s statute of limitations – or extended limitations period, if applicable – then that is grounds for dismissal.
  • In some cases the defendant might be immune from criminal prosecution, which would also warrant dismissal. For example, a material witness in another criminal case may be granted immunity from prosecution based on his testimony.
  • The charges can be dropped if the indictment was returned by a grand jury that was improperly selected or acted contrary to Illinois law and resulted in substantial injustice to the defendant.
  • The court will dismiss the case if it does not have jurisdiction.
  • The case may be dismissed if the particular county is not a proper place to hold the trial.
  • If the charge does not state an actual offense then that is grounds for dismissal.
  • If the indictment is based solely on the testimony of an incompetent witness then the charges will be dropped.
  • If the defendant is misnamed in the charge and the misnomer results in substantial injustice to the defendant then the court can dismiss the case.
  • Felony charges cannot be brought unless the defendant receives a preliminary examination or an indictment by a grand jury. If the prosecution does not comply with these requirements then that is grounds for dismissal.

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