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Illinois Woman Charged With Aggravated Battery of Police Officers

 Posted on September 13, 2018 in Uncategorized

A Plainfield woman was arrested last month after an altercation with police officers. The Joliet Police Department reported that the woman is being held in Will County Jail, with her bail set at $50,000 for criminal charges including aggravated battery.

Woman Became Belligerent After Police Requested Her Name

The Joliet Police Department responded to a call on the night of Thursday, August 2, investigating reports of a woman causing a disturbance. When they arrived at the scene, officers asked a female what her name was, and she subsequently became verbally aggressive with police. When officers tried to take the 20-year-old woman into custody, she began physically resisting police. Police say she managed to kick one officer in the face and spit in another officer’s face.

Woman Refused to Cooperate With Law Personnel

The woman kept being uncooperative with police when she was brought to the police station for booking, threatening to fight the police officers again. Eventually, she was taken to the Will County Jail, where she was processed and booked. The woman was charged with aggravated battery to a police officer, resisting arrest, and obstructing justice.

Aggravated Battery

Aggravated battery charges can be based on injury, the location of the offense, the status of the victim, the use of firearms or weapons, or certain conduct. In this case, the offense was based on the status of the victim, who was a police officer. According to the Illinois Criminal Code, you can be charged with aggravated battery of a police officer if you have caused injury to them for performing their duties, to prevent performance of their duties, or in retaliation for performing their duties.

If the woman is found guilty of aggravated battery of a police officer, she could be facing serious time in prison. Aggravated battery of a police officer is classified as a Class 2 felony, meaning she could potentially serve at least three years in prison, but not more than seven years.

Contact a Skilled Joliet Criminal Defense Attorney

The woman in this story could have avoided charges if she would have cooperated with police. Though aggravated battery to a police officer is a serious crime, an experienced and aggressive Will County criminal defense attorney can help mitigate the charge. If you have been charged with any type of crime, you should contact the Law Offices of Jack L. Zaremba, P.C. As a former Will County prosecutor, Jack Zaremba has the knowledge needed to avoid charges and get as lenient a sentence as possible. Call our office at 815-740-4025 to set up a free consultation.

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