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Notorious Crimes Committed in Illinois

Posted on October 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

Every year, studies are conducted during which Illinois prison inmates are interviewed and records reviewed to determine the most common types of crimes being committed across the state. This information provides a glimpse into the criminal justice system, as well as the people who make up the state’s inmate population.

A Notorious Top 10

While the current year’s numbers are not available, statistics from previous years indicate that not much changes over consecutive 12 month periods when it comes to the types of crimes that result in individuals living behind bars. Here is a brief summary of the ten most committed crimes in Illinois, according to the responses of those convicted:

10. Robbery - These crimes constitute the theft of a person’s property or money through the use of physical force or fear, and always include a victim who sustains a physical injury.

9. Driving Under the Influence - Those incarcerated for DUI tend to have committed repeat offenses that excluded them from a lesser sentence.

8. Residential Burglary - These crimes are marked by one’s unlawful entry into another’s home with the intent of committing a crime, not just theft, during the process.

7. Armed Robbery - Theft of a person’s property or money during which a weapon is used.

6. Burglary - Unauthorized entry into any building with the intent to commit any crime, not just theft.

5. Weapons - These charges typically refer to violations of the state’s licensing or ownership laws, but they can include other types of charges, as well.

4. Assault - This crime typically results when one person threatens or attempts to intimidate another, but not through physical force.

3. Sexual Assault - Commonly an assault or battery that includes a sexual component such as groping, rape, or another type of unwanted or offensive touching.

2. Controlled Substances Act - Crimes which violate a federal law regarding the manufacture and distribution of controlled substances, categorizing drugs from most harmful (Schedule 1) to least (Schedule 5).

1. Homicide - Commonly, the act of manslaughter or murder not committed in self defense, with varying degrees of severity.

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