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Proposed Illinois Bill Would Allow Students to Use Medical Marijuana at School

 Posted on April 02, 2018 in Uncategorized

In March of 2018, an Illinois House Elementary Education Committee unanimously approved legislation which would allow school children to consume medical marijuana in school. The proposed bill would allow a parent or legal guardian to administer infused medical marijuana on school grounds and in school-owned transportation.

Medical Marijuana Prevents Student’s Seizures

House Bill 4870 was largely influenced by a lawsuit brought by parents of a child who suffers from seizures. The girl began experiencing seizures after undergoing chemotherapy treatment and receiving spinal injections, and medical marijuana is the only medication which effectively controls them. The family went through the proper channels to get her approved for the medical cannabis program in Illinois, but they faced issues in regard to the child using medical marijuana products in school.

The parents filed a lawsuit against the school district because they were not allowed to change their daughter’s medical marijuana patch or administer medical marijuana oil under her tongue on school grounds. As the law currently stands, a school nurse could lose his or her license if they administered medical marijuana to a student – even if the student has a valid medical marijuana card. Although it is unlikely, students and parents could face criminal prosecution for sending a student to school with a medical marijuana patch. Advocates of the bill say that this is unacceptable.

Limited Application

The proposed legislation would not allow students to smoke marijuana in the schools. Parents would only be allowed to administer marijuana-infused products to their children. This includes food, oils, or other products which contain marijuana extracts but are not smoked. If the bill passes the full House and is eventually signed by the governor, schools will be required to allow parents and legal guardians to administer medical marijuana to their children in school. Children must have a valid pre-approved medical marijuana card in order to qualify for this opportunity.

The measure is sponsored by State Representative Lou Lang. He said of the bill, "It's important to understand that tots won't be toking up in class. Discreet, private locations in a school will set aside for parents to administer the product and have no impact on anyone else in the building." Colorado, New Jersey, Maine and Washington state already allow students to use medical marijuana at school.

Protecting Your Rights

As the law currently stands, marijuana is not permitted on school grounds in any form, and it is possible to face criminal prosecution for possession of the drug. If you or your child has been charged with any marijuana-related crime, contact an experienced Will County criminal defense attorney. Call 815-740-4025 for a free consultation today.

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