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Red Light Camera Traffic Tickets - No Relief In Sight

 Posted on February 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

We previously used this space to discuss the controversial placement and effectiveness of red light cameras in Illinois. The controversy appears to be growing, and drivers throughout the state continue facing the threat of collecting traffic offenses issued by cameras as they travel throughout the region.

Review of Effectiveness Yet to Be Conducted

Red light cameras were installed at intersections throughout Illinois for the stated purpose of reducing the rate of accidents. For that reason, it was intended that the cameras would be installed only at those intersections that were the site of a high number of crashes. In passing the law that allowed for red light camera installation, the legislature included provisions to study the effectiveness of the cameras, asserting that they were needed to improve safety, not to simply provide communities with a revenue stream. However, the opposite appears true. After conducting an investigation of red light cameras, the Chicago Tribune found that:

  • State and local authorities have yet to meet requirements for producing an effectiveness study at a single intersection monitored by a red light camera.
  • Suburban communities were to have conducted at least TWO studies of camera effectiveness in that time, and a third if the first two showed an increase in the number of crashes at an intersection where a camera was installed.
  • A number of reports have shown that red light cameras are installed at intersections based on the influence of state officials, and not according to the law’s stated mission for improving safety.
  • Since their installation started about 10 years ago, not a single camera has been removed for failing to meet the mission of the program.
  • Reports indicate that communities are not following a law that calls for the removal of cameras from intersections that show an increase in accidents since their installation.
  • An effort to repeal the state vehicle code section that applies to the installation and authority of red light cameras appears to be bogged down at the committee level.

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